March 14, 2009

Vancouver Sun's Suggestions for New Moon Filming Locations

No, this is not necessarily the next Forks High -- but it could be!

Production details around New Moon's filming locations have been kept under tight wraps to ward off hordes of set-stalking teenage girls (Note to Summit: You better be on alert for us more *ahem* mature TwiCrack addicts too; we have disposable incomes AND driver's licenses!).

Well, we all know that Vancouver is chock full of gorgeous places, and the Vancouver Sun offers a bunch of suggestions for great potential filming locations here. Who knows? Maybe some of these will actually be used. :-)

Thanks to Stacy!


  1. van tech is an epic school. they filmed some early smallville ep's there... *fingers crossed*

  2. the forks high school is actually David Thompson High in Vancouver near Knight St and 55th.


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