March 25, 2009

Vampire Diaries: Rob's Faux-Memoirs

Inspired by RPattz's potential new role in Memoirs, 4tnz has taken a stab at writing Rob's faux-memoirs:
May 20, 1986: I was born. With a full head of hair. The doctor slapped me because he was jealous of how handsome I was already.

August 8, 1998
: My sisters dressed me up like a girl again. And people hit on me more than they did my sisters.

June 2005: Went to the Harry Potter premiere. People rooting for me to beat Harry in the TriWizard tournament. Not the way it was supposed to happen.

February 2008: Ate my first Hot Pocket. OME.

November 2008
: And my life will never be the same again... hello, ladies?
Read the article here.


  1. Love the article! He is so adorable and swoonworthy!

  2. Rob's birthday is May 13!!!!!!!!!


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