March 18, 2009

Wicked, Wicked TwiCrack: Tyson Houseman (& potentially Alex Meraz) Cast In New Moon

Tyson Houseman, a gazillion TwiHards have now been unleashed upon you!
New Moon Movie is a super-sleuth; Look what they dug up!

Glasses-dude from those Lainey Gossip Wolfpack Photos appears to be Tyson Houseman, and this pic confirms it. Read about *Tyson* over at NMM, as well as Alex Meraz, who looks suspiciously like beanie-boy from the Wolfpack pics.


  1. hey twicrack!! chk out the last post I did on Alex Meraz, look at the rings, that must be conclusive proof?? (twilighttreasury) won't post a link as don't wannt step on your toes lol

  2. Lol, do NMM have some kind of spy ID technology - how in the hell did they find out who Tyson is?!

  3. Alex Meraz is amazing. Can't wait to see him play whatever role he's in during New Moon. I hope he's a major player, like Quil or Embry, but he'll probably be Paul, considering he looks like he could kick some serious tail. LOL

  4. OME alex is awesome as paul,,
    but im pissedd that they took
    out krys smokey-desperado♥
    he is too cool as embry! kiowa or whatever
    his face i,, is goingg to screw up the movie!
    the only werewolfff good enough for this movie is krys♥ acieron puro pedo for taylor
    but nobody isoo pedo para mi krys.. -nicolee aka twilights biggest fan. [p.s. i still love rob♥]=)) tha names justicee btw:DD


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