March 25, 2009

Rumor du Jour: Tyler Posey May Be Confirmed as Seth Clearwater

Koa Orquia, a New Moon hopeful, blogs that Tyler Posey, that cute kid from Maid in Manhattan, has been confirmed for the role of Seth Clearwater. Koa writes:
Although I don't doubt that its true, I wont stop fighting for the part till its been confirmed by either NewMoonMovie.Org or by Summit Itself.

Posey has been talked about for awhile and has been my biggest competition thus far. So if he got it, great.
NOTE: It's just a rumor, we'll have to wait to see if this news is confirmed. Thanks, Laura of Team Solomon!

**Update** Now that Koa has included his original source, I don't think that he has to panic just yet. Seems unfounded.


  1. Hmmm... I don't know, I can't be objective with Seth, he is my favorite Character. But this boy/guy could do it. I wish him luck, or if this is false, I wish they'd stop liein' 2 us.

  2. Seth is 14 years old in new moon according to Bella when she first meets him at the spaghetti dinner. Charlie her father also says that Seth is 14 years old when he is talking to Bella in regards to how they just lost their father. Later in Eclipse Bella thinks that Seth is only 15 if that at all when Jacob and Edward discuss Bella's location during the big fight with the newborns. Don't you all think that Jacob and Seth relationship is like a kid brother wanting to tag along with his big brother? Seth is probaly a freshman in high school. Jacob is a Junior in high school. Taylor Lautner is 17 years old and Tyler Possey is older thank Taylor Lautner and will be 18 years old when they film Eclipse. He was 5'10" when he was a freshman in high school. I think that he is either a senior or a junior now. He is surley taller than 5"10 and muscular. He and Taylor Lautner look like peers and Tyler may in fact look older thank Jacob more thicker. And the character Seth looks young too. I think whoever they cast will in fact actually be young 15 year old, so that when his next to all the wolfpack actors he will in fact look like the youngster, like a freshman surrounded by high school seniors. Tyler Posey is way too old. And Stephanie originally saw Tyler Posey as a Jacob, that was like over a year ago. Those pictures of Tyler are over a year old. This is just another rumor. The kid from Hawaii is a little old too.

  3. You forget...The wolf-pack boys 'age' and grow faster than regular teens.

    The Posey kid has a young enough looking face. I think he can pull it off.

  4. Seth ia one of the last one's to change...and When they stand next to each it's hard to see Tyler looking like he idolizes-worships Taylor Launter. They look like peers too much. Stephanie Meyer herself said she Tyler as an aged Jacob prior to the making of Twilight. I think whoever is cast as Seth will actually be a young 15 year old or an old 14 year old.

  5. And also Tyler is taller than Taylor Lautner..I don't think that they will have the baby of the wolfpack be taller than Jacob or look older than Jacob.

  6. IMDB lists Taylor & Tyler both at 5'10.

  7. Grrr, so disappointing it's not a proper source - I really like the idea of Tyler as Seth!

  8. I saw Jessie's my space??? Is this person legitimate? She states she is connected to Chris Weitz and also that she know leaked information that Ben Barnes is cast as Aro and that Chris has stated he know the perfect actress for Leah? Oh yeah that this jessie also jumps off cliffs and knows the elders of the Quillettes. even is that is true..I be the cast and the director do not realize how deep she is living her alternate fantasy life. What do you think TwiCrack Addict?


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