March 21, 2009

A (Twilight) Love Song for Bobby Long

Somehow, Robert Pattinson's musician friends, Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster, and Bobby Long, have found themselves at the receiving end of spillover Twilight fandemonium. Like you, I can't get enough either!

Well, the awesome Amanda from Twilight Examiner has a new interview with Bobby Long, co-author of "Let Me Sign", where he talks about how he got his start in music, his musical influences, his plans to tour the U.S., and RPattz (of course):
I asked Bobby how Robert Pattinson ended up singing "Let me Sign," leading to its inclusion on the Twilight film and soundtrack. Bobby replied, "me and Marcus Foster wrote it, and [Rob] took it away and recorded it." The rest, as they say, is history.
Read the rest of Amanda's exclusive interview here.

Also, the ladies from Cullen Boys Anonymous snagged a great interview with Bobby, and here is my favorite part:
CBA: When all the CBA (Cullen Boys Anonymous) girls come to see you in Phoenix, will you say hi to us?

BL: "That sound's like a secret agency for spies. But yes." (Honestly, Bobby you have no idea the lengths our Cullen boy addiction has driven us to. LOL!)
Read the rest of CBA's interview here, and learn more about Bobby's U.S. Tour via Bobby's MySpace.

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