March 25, 2009

Twilight Cast Smokes More Than They Have Sex

E!Online said it, not me:

Seems like uncleanliness isn't the only vice going on up in Vancouver. We're told by one of the New Moon castmembers (for all of you who are bitching and whining that we make this crap up) that their bonding sesh's not only include homemade dinners, but also group chain smoking.

But guess what they're all so busy puffing away on?

"Just plain ol' cigarettes," said a Twilight hanger-on. "But, like, tons of them. I think they smoke more than they have sex, actually."

Well, since everybody's so damn busy longing and mooning over each other, just like they do in the damn teeny franchise, sorta makes sense. Besides, I hear somebody's really hurting for the one they cast aside—only to want him (or her) back desperately now that filming's begun. More on that later in the week.

Huh? What's up with that last teaser about somebody hurting for the one cast aside? Cam Gigandet? Solomon Trimble? Krys? Wha...? KStew & Oregano? (Now I'm making shizz up. Ignore me.) Read the rest here.


  1. Okay...Now I'm confuzzleded.
    Uhm, but to be honest, I don't care.
    I just want the goshdarn movie :)

  2. I'm hoping it's Solomon - of course ;) - I want him back in the pack, dammit!

  3. meh. i don't really care if they're smoking, stinky actors, i still like them more than any other "Hollywood" group out there. They're so much more real-seeming to me.

  4. like isn't smoking bad? like who are those people in that picture? are they famous?

  5. dude no 1 gives a shit if they smock! they have sex more then u so y does it matter 2 u. give it up and any1 that agress with me probubly has sex 2. so if u thiink that u have the right 2 fucking critisice other people then u can kiss my ass!!!!!


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