March 21, 2009

Time to Plan my Italy Vacation: New Moon Filming in Montepulciano May 25 - 30!

Looks like Montepulciano is a done deal!

Reader valdemar303 tells me:
The Tourism association of Montepulciano have just said to the staff of that new moon will be shot there beginning on may 25 to may 30!

They are already organizing something in collaboration with the township so the poor actors will not be overwhelmed by the crazy italian fangirls ;-P
Thanks, Valdemar and New Moon Movie!!


  1. Let's go together! Can you imagine blogging from Italy, & spying on the filming? OME!

  2. Crazy Italian fangirls? How about crazy bloggers?

    CBA, I half-jokingly proposed going to Montepulciano for vacation to my husband today, and he looked at me like I was coco-loco. hehe.


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