March 21, 2009

6:50 PST: Suspicious *Seattle* Police Cars Spotted in Mission, B.C. Tonight

Just got a tip from an Anonymous source -- not 100% sure if it has anything to do with New Moon (so don't blame me if you go rushing out there and it's filming for a cheesy-ass Lifetime TV Special), but sure sounds suspicious!
** UPDATE: See the set pics here**
"My husband just called to say that he's getting off the WestCoast Express Train in Mission, BC (coming home from Vancouver), and he noticed an area roped off right by the train - and Seattle Police car sitting nearby. Now, there's really no reason I can think of to have a Seattle police car sitting in the SMALL town of Mission - except for this Saga.

It's set up to be some sort of crime scene, he couldn't get too close, but saw some taller male actors."
Others seem to have the same suspicions, according this question posted on Yahoo Answers:
I live in mission, british columbia and when i drove past this creepy old motel that there is here, and they were clearly filming something, you could tell from all the stuff there and the vehicles around and there were "prop vehicles" that were obviously props because they said "bellingham coroner" on the back. but whatever, do you know what movie they are filming part of in Mission, BC??

Is it [New Moon]? because i heard someone say they were gonna talk about finding the bodies of the people victoria and the new-borns killed in the movie and belligham is in seattle and they said they found one body by a motel....
Stay tuned...


  1. Are they trying to give a hint at Eclipse? Or are they actually filming parts of Eclipse already? Cause in New Moon, I don't remember anything about Seattle.

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure. This could be filming for something else altogether. We'll see! :)

  3. Oooh, maybe they're starting some of the "B" crew stuff!
    Sounds like it could be a nod to the Victoria story line in Eclipse - I wondered if they'd suggest the threat of her more than New Moon the book - especially since she's already been on location!

  4. i live i Seattle. i haven't heard anything yet.

  5. Maybe their filming the part where Sam Uley found Bella after Edward dumped her.Possibility,right? I think so.....

  6. Are the actors not supposed to be at the dvd release?

    The only ones missing are KS and ROb... so maybe its their scene... dunno guys sounds kinda sketch and really far from van no? Did anyone else hear/see about this?

  7. Oh.. maybe it's rob's scenes... you know how he is in those dingy motels after he leaves bella??

  8. I live in Vancouver, and I can affirm that I saw last week a truck that was pulling several Seattle's police cars; oddly, it was the week that New Moon's cast arrived in Vancouver for the first time.

  9. if is truth ... It sounds like they are already filming Eclipse, ... that could be nice or not.

    Thanks for share the information =D

  10. I actually heard that they were going to film New Moon and Eclipse back to back, so it is quite possible that they are already filming Eclipse.
    Oh, and I'm from Mission, BC as well, and my friend thinks she might have seen Robert walking down 1st reading his script...

  11. Bellingham is in seattle? What? LOL. Bellingham is 90 miles north of Seattle, next to the Canadian border. NOWHERE near Seattle. In traffic (which is almost constant) it takes HOURS to get to Bellingham from Seattle. I highly doubt it has anything to do with New Moon. How can people get their geography so wrong? lol

  12. I live in Bellingham WA it takes about 1 hour 29 minutes to get to Seattle up to 2 hours in traffic and it takes about 1 hour 2 minutes to get to Vancouver BC but just like to say Bellingham is not in Seattle :) thanks for the info though. I wish they would film here :( lol

  13. From my home in Coquitlam to B'ham is about 45 minutes to an hour. From my house to Seattle (Where my husband is from) is about 3 hours....

    anyyyyways... I was away last week and missed the filmingin my own back yard (Jacob's House) I hope they return!

    Mission is worth the drive if they are still there... As is New West and Vancouver... I wish I could find a set on the day of filming not afterwards LOL

    I also was downtown the weekend they all arrived and didn't bump into anyone - - - ahhhh - - -

    I shall keep trying, I just want a photo with them for my scrapbook ha ha ha!

  14. yeah i dont remember anything about newborns in new moon cus i've read it 2 times .....or its jus u guys making up thing soo we could be interested of u guys's stories

  15. I was there and it sadly was not Eclipse but a Steven Segal Vampire movie!!! We did see him swaggering down the set - not pretty!


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