March 11, 2009

Paul Weitz is Still Just a Rumor: Juan Antonio Bayona Is Another Candidate for Eclipse Director

There have been several reports that Paul Weitz is set to direct Eclipse, a rumor which spiraled from a February 28 Acting411 blog post, but Paul has not been confirmed. (How does the media keep recycling STALE Twilight news? That was old shizz.)

On the contrary, Hollywood Reporter reports that Juan Antonio Bayona's name has resurfaced again as a potential contender for Eclipse director:
Bayona's name has come up in recent months, though generally in a group of other directors -- an eclectic list that's ranged from Paul Weitz to Drew Barrymore to James Mangold;earlier today, in fact, a report on the Twilighters fansite reported it would be Paul Weitz.

Many of the other names have been batted down. Bayona's name, on the other hand, has surfaced more in recent days as the man who could land the job, in what would mark a bold departure for the franchise.

If he does come aboard, the studio would have brought on a female coming-of-age girl director in Catherine Hardwicke for the first "Twilight" picture, a mainstream Hollywood comedy director in Chris Weitz for sequel "New Moon" and a genre maven for the third picture.

The shift would make sense on a number of levels -- "Eclipse," while continuing the romances and love triangles of previous books, does contain a mystery of unsolved murders that protags Bella and Edward seek to solve. (Notably, Bayona's debut "The Orphanage" also contained a plotline centering on children who had been killed under mysterious circumstances.) It also features battles between werewolves and vampires that could call for a practiced genre hand.

Bayona, for those who don't follow foreign horror directors, is a hot property -- the 33-year-old Spaniard who goes mainy by his last name has been championed by "Pan's Labyrinth" and "The Hobbit" director del Toro, who has produced and/or godfathered his work. Bayona received rave reviews for his Spanish-language "Orphanage,' the Picturehouse-released Gothic tale about childhood and loss that was rife with spooks. He's currently signed on to direct the dystopian thriller "Hater" for Universal.
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