March 17, 2009

Set-Stalking: More videos of Jacob's Digs

New Moon Movie brings us TwiCrack-y goodness with more videos of Jacob's alleged house from YouTuber brieleigh84, who has *four* of her set-stalking videos online, including this one, which makes me feel a little queasy:

brieleigh84 writes:

There's a little bit of action on the New Moon set. Crew are working on the ramp, you can see someone carrying Billy Black's wheelchair inside, and a portable toilet is delivered on a truck. I spoke to someone today, and when I asked if New Moon was being filmed here, his response was "It's an untitled sports movie" I then asked if the Director's name was Chris Weitz and he just smiled and chuckled a bit. I also asked if there would be any filming this week. He didn't really respond and then apologized that he couldn't tell me. He was very friendly. If anyone has suggestions on questions to ask next time, just let me know. I also noticed that they have added moss to the roof of the house, to make it look old.

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