March 25, 2009

Ryan Reynolds Thinks That Kristen Stewart is a Golden Girl 'with a Great Facelift'

Everyone's talking about how Ryan Reynolds thinks RPattz is a dream-boat, but I think it's more interesting what Ryan has to say about KStew:
"She's an old, old soul… Sometimes I wonder if she's one of the Golden Girls with a great face lift," he said. "I can't believe how wise she is. I feel pretty strongly that she’s going to fix our contracting economy."
I used to watch the Golden Girls. Is this a compliment? Hehe. Read the rest over at 4tnz.


  1. this is the second comment he's made about her being a Golden Girl-the other one was something like "she's Estelle Getty in a younger body", I'll see if I can find it and link you :)

  2. What I love me some Golden Girls!
    "Picture it...Sicily..."


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