March 24, 2009

Robert Pattinson Variety Japan Interview

Video from rikkugrrl19 and translation of questions, thanks to ROBsessed:
1. What if you were to experience forbidden love in real life? (Would you go for it?)

2. What was your favorite scene?

3. I was impressed with your superhuman ability to climb gracefully up those trees.... (this wasn't a question)

4. Did you feel any pressure playing the part of a perfect "prince"?

5. Even though he loves Bella so much, he's abstinent (Okay this part is debatable an anon says: actually the question it is about sexual abstinence or well, as a japanese we usually use the "kinyoku" word to refer to this matters, if you translate as it is, means "prohibited desires", but Rob answered something related about self discipline so the question was wrong or the answer was wrong. )

6. Do you ever say sweet, romantic lines like Edward says to Bella?

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