March 8, 2009

Robert Pattinson & the Stars of Slumdog Millionaire: Lots o' Love

Not sure what's going on with Dev's big head, but still loving this photo. I *loved* Slumdog Millionaire, and love seeing two cool actors together from Oscar season. Thanks to for the pic.

Speaking of Slumdog & love, I'm reminded of a cute story that I read in Times of India about one of the child actors from Slumdog, Tanay Chedda, the 12-year old boy who played the young Jamal. He and the other kids from Slumdog had an amazing time visiting California for the Oscars, and one of Tanay's highlights was meeting Robert Pattinson:
"I met many glamorous girls here but, mine is back in Mumbai. I have taken an autograph of my favourite actor Robert Pattinson, from Twilight'," says Tanay.
How cute is that??


  1. So,This is weird, I really love this site you guys should check out my blg it's not as good as thisone, or alot of others out there but there are some funny stories to be told.

  2. I found your blog through Ana Christina's blog. It is so awesome! I love your sidebar and the animated avatars. :)


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