March 9, 2009

Secret Rendezvous? Robert Pattinson + Megan Fox Would Make Gorgeous Babies ;-)

Juicy, juicy silliness from
You know how we recently caught Megan Fox doing the sexy librarian thing at the Palihouse Hotel?

You know how we also spotted Robert Pattinson ducking for cover near an undisclosed location?

Well, kiddies, now we're disclosing aforementioned location: ALSO the Palihouse Hotel.

Abwuh!!!? <--- say you Indeed. Whisperings in Source-Ville say the two were seen together late at night in the hotel's Bar/Bistro. We're sure it was a fang-filled affair*. With Megan moving out of Brian Austin Green's place, and Robert heading outta Los Angeles to begin filming the Twilight sequel, should we expect these two to rendezvous across the border?


  1. dear rob,
    stay away from megan fox, or else.
    love me

  2. dear rob,
    natalie portman is superior to megan fox in every way possible.
    love me too

  3. Dear allison,
    I <3 you,
    Love me again

  4. Megan Fox is definitely a sexy goddess, I am a regular to her website at Megan

  5. well rob i say date any one you realy love and if that not me

  6. this web site is cool i'm like so oot(obsesve over twilight)

  7. hey rob
    i like you .. just that
    so .. love who you want but ..
    i don't really think you love her ..
    just take your time and know other girls ..
    you can prove with common girls .. like ..

    -kei lani

    or maybe your bF .. its always worth it ..
    just try.

  8. I like Megan and I like Robert, both of them together is good. But I heard she only used him to try to get her ex, Brian Austin Green jealous.

  9. I like Megan but i think u should stay from her she's older has alot more experience and probably wil just use u to get her ex mad get someone who isn't in or was in a serious realtionship.PS love ya Rob!!

  10. Wow i don't see how it is really anyone's business who Robert is with i mean when you think about it has no effect what so ever your insecure lives. so just get a grip onto reality here and wake up.. because while your here witting all these dumb comments saying "ooh i love you!" you making asses out of yourselves to the rest of the country and anyone who reads this.. i don't mean to sound harsh but that's just how it is celebrities are people too and deserve too have and lead happy lives with a somewhat scene of normalcy

  11. Okay, I know Pattinson is a guy and too many guys think with their d----. But I really really think he's too intelligent to give somebody like this no-class, dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks skank more than a look...or a one night stand. I don't think the latter is right but I highly doubt he would be interested in anything more. I despise the fact that people like her are somehow afforded celebrity status.

  12. OMG,
    Der robert,
    i think i am your biggest fan of your acting and singing, i am listening to never think now and its realli gd i love it its like my favourite song ever.
    Love yyyyyyyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuu

  13. hello rob....
    you should better stay away from her..
    i think you and kristen will be a nice couple..

  14. Dear Rob,
    I know that we probably will never meet and you probably won't even read what people are writing here. But in case you do I just want to tell you that you're sooo cute, good-looking, gorgeous, sexy.... I've seen all your interviews. My biggest dream is to meet you some day and talk to you in private. I'm just soo much in love with you!!! Would you date me even though I'm just 16?? I promise I'll never let you down!!!


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