March 3, 2009

Responsible Robert Doesn't Drink & Drive -- Aww!!

Celebuzz has an exclusive story about how Robert uses a designated driver when he's had a few too many:
Last night a Celebuzz spy caught the vampire hottie at The Bar, a watering hole on the edge of Hollywood, Ca.

"He was sharing champagne with his group, passing it freely to others in the bar," the source says of the actor, who also noted RPattz was in very good spirits and, naturally, looking "very hot."

What's better? At the end of the evening, with encouragement from his crowd, Pattinson resisted driving home and accepted a ride to a friend's house.

Hopefully the star got some shut eye, as Pattinson told the group he's headed to Vancouver, BC today to begin production on New Moon, the sequel to the blockbuster Twilight.
Read the rest at Celebuzz. Thanks for the TwiCrack, Bryan!! :-)


  1. The best by far New Moon Fan Trailer I've ever seen! YOu guys will love it! Please post on your site so that everyone can see how amazing this is!

  2. Omg, sorry for being a spazz. But is your source reliable to the comment where is says he's headed to vancouver, bc today?!


  3. Hi belzbariana -- I'm not sure how reliable the orig. source is; somebody from Celebuzz sent me the link to this story, and I think celebuzz is pretty good at researching their stories (they're the only ones who bothered to have the Japan fan vids translated) but I guess we shall see. We saw those pap pics of Robert in LA yesterday. We'll just have to look out for more international hunky vampire sightings to see! :)

  4. alright, thank you! (:

    i'm just really freaking out because i live in vancouver. so yeah, haha


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