March 9, 2009

Gah!! Renesmee Listed as a Baby Name

Somebody is on TwiCrack. For moms-to-be high on Twi(light), I just learned over at BellaAndEdward that Renesmee is included on
  • The meaning of the name Renesmee is: Reborn And Loved
  • The origin of the name Renesmee is: American
  • Notes: Combination of the names Renee and Esme. Created for the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer.
P.S. Please don't. Yikes^2. :-)


  1. Srsly???? Please, women, it was hard enough in the book and Bella had a compelling reason to pick it. Don't torture your children.

  2. I think the name fits with the CHARACTER. In the sence of the story it works, and in any real and true form- as in "Honey, i'm prego and we are nameing our baby Renesmee!"-It DOES NOT work. The meaning is a DUH because Renee` means Reborn and Esme means Loves... So DUH!... That's how I got what my characters names mean.
    I mean Neeolona means New Light because Neeo-(Neo) means New and Lona (and alt spellings) mean light. (SHE IS ONLY A CHARACTER THOUGH!)

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  3. ok, so does that mean "voldemort" is next?

  4. Oh boy. That's just such a terrible name. It was bad in the book - it'll be even worse in real life! LOL!

  5. Vampires don't "twinkle and glow" in the sunlight, direct or otherwise, Seattle or Nevada. They burn up. Vampires can't have children, they don't have sperm. Lack of any kind of artistic tension other than "will they have sex" and finally they do.. but it isn't shown - the author acknowledged that she didn't know anything about "Vampire fiction" - she made it up as she went along.

    Bella is completely passive. She DIES in order to have sex but can still have her baby. And glow and glitter in the sunlight.

    Dear god, there are so many authors who write well, why would anyone select this to read or watch? His hair steals the scenes.

    Canon is ignored, everything is ingnored. Bella, beautiful in Italian.. Beautiful Bella gets everything she wants -- but no sex is shown beecause sex is evil..... with no sacrifice and no dramatic tension.

    Come on, read some Kim Harrison, Carrie Vaughn, Anita Blake, so many many NYT bestselling authors who really write well. Who can create believe plots and write believable dialogue and maintain the "willing suspension of disbelief" (William Taylor Coleridge) Type the phrase into google and you'll come up with the Wiki entry.

    So much that is so well written and worth reading without mixed messages.

    We know better, don't we?

  6. i like that name... i think its very unique

  7. I agree. I honestly have to say that I like the name as well. I mean there are many unique names and spellings out there and its based on personal taste, where one person may like a name another person may hate it.
    I tried different variations of it and came across Ranessa-may (which I liked even more).
    But I do agree that people should not choose to name their child after a character or even out of popularity of the name. They should however choose a name (after carefull searching) that they truly like.


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