March 26, 2009

Casting Director Rene Haynes Dishes on Wolf Pack & Hiring Chaske Spencer

Celebuzz has an awesome exclusive interview with Rene Haynes, New Moon Casting Director, where she talks about the New Wolf pack and the Twilight-mania they'll encounter:
They are all good kids," says Rene. "They have good heads on their shoulders. I think they'll navigate these waters the best they can."

"I've told them, make wise choices from here on out. This is what you've been working for. Don't mess it up."

Just to give you an idea of the fan intensity, IMDB's star meter showed Meraz's star ranking rose 25,566 percent in popularity this week (the shirtless picture at the top sure don't hurt).

Rene also addresses the difficulties of casting Chaske Spencer, rumored to be Sam Uley:

"He's someone I feel is going to be a star," says Haynes. "I have cast him before. He's always done lovely work. It's awesome to know that it's time for this young actor to have a great breakout role like this."

It wasn't a sure thing when Spencer auditioned, even after meeting casting director Joseph Middleton in NY for a powerful reading.

"It was a very long process," says Haynes, pointing out there were many strong candidates for the part. "It was up and down, up and down. But he floated to the top."

I love the reference to shirtless Alex Meraz. NPC! NPC! Read the rest here.


  1. NPC! NPC!! Please please please Summit, I'll watch ever movie you ever release if you just give us one good, slow-mo, shirtless Alex. Pretty please?


  2. Chaske IS going to be a STAR! Don't care how cute people look with their shirts off - I care about GREAT ACTING - and Chaske has that!

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