March 21, 2009

Pulling a Mary Poppins: Robert Pattinson Used to Eat Pizza & Write Songs While Sitting on Roof Ledges

Celebuzz has an exclusive interview with Bobby Long, one of RPattz's musician pals:

"Robert lived in a dingy, horrible, little flat in Soho near Denmark Street," Long recalls to Celebuzz. "We used to hang out and play music until five in the morning, really going for it. Drinking and all that stuff."

"We only ate pizza for like two months. We ballooned on weight," Long recalls. "But it probably helped the vampire look. I know I was really pale."

"It was really chilled-out. Watching films, listening to music and writing."

Chilled-out except for the danger element, since the group also hung out on the steeply pitched building rooftop. "We used to write our songs on the roof. It was Mary Poppins high up," says Long. "We were on ledges eating pizza. Our music was drowned out by taxis and buses."

Read the rest of this article here. Thanks, Bryan!


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