March 6, 2009

Pirates' Edward Cullen Blood Lust: Advanced Copies of Twilight Leaked

L.A. Rag Mag reports that copies of the Twilight DVD have been leaked online:
"I’m probably not even suppose to say this but I want you all to know the truth. Bella/Summit Ent. your neck is leaking. Better plug up those holes before online sucks some of the profits from your pockets. Not that you should be worried but…downloaders are emailing us and saying that advanced copies of Twilight are floating around the net. Thousands of savvy geeks are eagerly awaiting that blue bar to finish fulfilling its duties so they can watch Edward over and over again. Pirates satisfying their blood lust and leeching just a few dollars off Summit’s special March 21st release, but sucking none the less. Your own kind have turned against you. All those crazy fans already have the key to March 21st.

They’re going to probably kill me now. I should have never said anything. Oh God."
Yeah, you probably shouldn't have said anything. Not that this makes any difference to me; I'm waiting for my official Target 3-Disc Deluxe version to arrive! Just take all my money, Summit!! :-)


  1. Oh my stars, it's been released online?!! ... Wait, what am I saying, I already have seen it online about a dozen times. As a bootleg. But still. (Yes, I know I am going to hell. Want me to save you a seat? :p)

    I don't know what to do, woman. I pre-ordered the Borders special edition, seduced by those pictures they're including. But that Target edition is mighty tempting... Think the boyf would notice if I buy that one, too??? Oh, to have more money...

  2. so sad!

    why are geeks so awful!

    awful geeks!

  3. Honestly, if I had to guess, I'd say the TwiHards are going to go ahead and buy the DVD anyway. I've HEARD the copies available via the 'Net don't include any extended scenes or special features. For those who love Edward Cullen beyond all sense or reason, that ain't gonna cut it, y'know?


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