March 18, 2009

Pics I Wish I Hadn't Seen Part III: More Vintage RPattz Modeling Pics

Alas, Sugarscape has another exclusive teen modeling pic of RPattz that I can't bear to look at has surfaced! Again, I made it teeny, so only click if you dare!

You can check out other teeny pics here and here in my previous posts.


  1. why do you do this to yourself.... and to us!!???

  2. Wow..I wish I hadn't clicked on it.

  3. OME! It looks like a pre bar-mitzvah pic! Had he even reached puberty yet?!

  4. omg that's just wrong! the poor thing still had baby chest and belly, oh how ackward I feel looking at this picture.
    hahah it totally feels like watching your little cousin or something, I don't know if u get what I'm saying (my crapy english won't allow me to express myself properly, shiz).
    I can´t even see robert in it ! hahah still, love him though, obviously.


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