March 20, 2009

Phoenix & Potomac TwiCrack Addicts: Whatcha doing tonight?

Mesa, Arizona: Well, if you don't yet have plans, go hang out with the ladies from Cullen Boys Anonymous. They're MC'ing tonight's Twilight DVD Release party at the Borders on Alma School and the 60 across from Fiest Mall in Mesa, Arizona. Join them for lots of Twilight fun and prizes!! For more information please contact Crystal@CullenBoysAnonymous.
Potomac, Maryland: Also, Blockbuster in Potomac has some fun stuff going on tonight:
We're bringing in a local radio station, hosting a vampire look-a-like contest where someone will win a year of Blockbuster rentals and we'll be giving away Twilight DVD's throughout the party. Plus there will be tons of games and other Twilight related prizes to win.

We're out for blood too! We're doing a call for people to give blood to local area blood banks. In exchange for giving a pint of blood, the first 50 people will receive a pint of ice cream for Edy's ice cream.

The location for this event is 11325 Seven Locks Rd. in Potomac, MD which is in the Washington, DC metro area. It is located in the Cabin John Mini-Mall. Other events can be searched for online or you can call your local Blockbuster store to see what events they are doing for the release!

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  1. Oh my gosh, something somewhat near my part of the US, in MD. Although I shouldn't complain, I did get to see "How To Be". Anyhow, thanks again for the Twi-crack.


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