March 25, 2009

Pepe Le Pew: Apparently Robert Pattinson is Stinky Stud :-(

Aww...E!Online is ruining our Edward-image:
"He stinks. I mean, it's awful. He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy," dishes someone who works in very close quarters with Pattz. Apparently our shaggy-haired love never rinses that bod of his, as Keanu and Brad have famously not done, as well, during extended periods of their hunky lives. Like, ever. And it's past the point of a little BO. "He completely reeks," complains an annoyed crewmember.
P.S. TwiCrack reader Linda has volunteered to wash him. LMAO


  1. Hmmmm....I remember when the same rumors were being spread about Hayden Christensen.

    Jealousy perhaps, perham?

  2. Well I don't have to smell him through the computer. :)

  3. They said the same thing about Brad Pitt just as he was getting crazy popular. I find it interesting that they go after smell cause it is something that very few people could actually confirm.

    And really, does it matter? We don't have to smell him! As long as he still has that ridiculously cute smile, I am happy!

  4. I'll wash him!!!!!!.........oops sorry, got a bit carried away :)

  5. Okay, have you noticed how ridiculous all the wild rumors are that are going around right now?
    The Lexicon lined them all up:

    "Rob showers once a week, Rob never showers, Rob has dandruff, Rob’s beanie is his security blanket, Rob refuses to leave hotel without beanie, Rob’s BO is offending castmates, Rob’s BO and dandruff offending castmates, Kristen still passionate for Rob even with the BO, Kristen pining for Rob, Rob pining for Kristen, everyone pining for everyone it’s really just a big hormone fest and Chris Wietz can’t get a thing done…"

    Seriously guys.
    Need I say more?

  6. I'LL BATHE HIM!! I'll make him really sparkle. (Rob if you read this - Just have your people get with my people and I'll make sure your taken care of.) LMAO!

  7. I bet he's just doing it on purpose now.


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