March 25, 2009

*Ouch* Robert Pattinson Hurts His Head On Set The National Enquirer is on TwiCrack

Sugarslam reports:
While filming New Moon in Vancouver, Robert Pattinson recently sustained a head injury on the set. Pattinson had just begun filming a scene when a gust of wend tore a metal sign from a post. While flying through the shooting location, it grazed Pattinson on the head, knocking him to the ground. After an ambulance came and checked him out, he began moving, and though he was a little disoriented, he was able to speak.

Although the hunky-star insisted he was fine, the director canceled filming and Rob was ordered to take the night off. He returned to set the next day ready to work, but sporting a bump on his head!
Apparently, the source of this story, The National Enquirer, is a big fat liar; Eyes of Amber has an update that Nick Frenkel, that agent-dude who's hangin' around Robert all the time, denies that anything happened.


  1. Poor Rob! I'm glad he is alright!

    ...Rob, I'm getting on a plane right now to come kiss it better!!

  2. I know, poor Rob! Sorry I couldn't be there to hold an ice pack on his bump. :(


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