March 11, 2009

Nikki Talks Cullen Hair & Make-up: No More Dark Roots for Rosalie? ;-)

Sounds like Nikki will be donning a wig for New Moon, and that Summit will aim to give the Vamps a more 'natural' look this time around:
"Reed said the die-hards might notice some of the changes — like her plan to wear a wig this time rather than dye her hair again. "My hair fell out," she winced. "It took 36 hours initially to make me blond, and every other day, I was bleaching my head and my skin. This time around, we are testing out different wigs and stuff."

Read the full article at MTV.


  1. wow she came off really bitchy at the end. thanks for the vid clip!

  2. That's what happens when you're hired because of connections (Hardwick), not on merit. You go bald, because they should have hired a BLONDE in the first place.

    Were Rob & Ashley the only cast members who were hired without a "hook"?? ?? ??

  3. Someone said pissed off?? ok they were using lipstick even on the boys, but come on, her hair was bad, bad, bad, even Madonna's in a bad hair day looks better.

    And I have to add, she is really nice, but Rosalie is suppose to be someone like Gisele Bündchen.

  4. I'm certainly willing to forgive a little lack of continuity if some of the characters look different/more "natural" in New Moon! I agree that at times the hair/makeup in Twilight was pretty bad - there were scenes in which you could see where the white makeup had not been blended properly, and for the love of all things holy please PLEASE get rid of that lipstick Rob was wearing! I don't even want to get started on the "sparkle" effect...
    (and TwiCrack, glad you liked my post! Your blog keeps me entertained alllll day long...)


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