March 19, 2009

Newsweek Validates My TwiCrack Addiction: I'm not the only career-chick to fall victim to Edward Cullen's spell!

(Me sneaking into movie theater to see Twilight...shh!)

Bloggy-buddy Pillowbiters let me know that I'm not the only supposedly-sane grown woman to be gaga over the love story between a fictional teenage vampire and a 17-year girl! Newsweek 'Love at First Bite' reporter Louisa Thomas, who loved the movie but hated the books, also can't wait to watch the DVD:
A confession: I can't wait to watch the new DVD of "Twilight." Go ahead, mock me. I'd long resisted Stephenie Meyer's series myself. A parable about abstinence, starring a hunky vampire (Edward) and the sweet object of his affection (Bella)? No, thanks. But it seemed wrong to denigrate what I didn't know, so I went to see the film. I had read that it would be a celebration of chastity—proof that what a girl wants is a boy who won't bite. That was not the movie I saw. Sure, Edward's gaze seemed more silly than sultry, and when he and Bella danced to Debussy, I laughed. But the movie captivated me. "Twilight" is about sex and denial—but it is anything but chaste. If I were the mother of a 13-year-old, this movie would terrify me. More than restraint—or wanting what you can't have—the movie celebrates Bella's determination for a moment of immortality, even though it will leave her a monster. Sex is part of that, and so is death, but it's irreducible.
Read the rest of Newsweek's DVD review here.


  1. Well I am right there with you, I am 35 and work for an attorney. Here I am sitting at work reading your blog. Also my teenage girls say that I am obsessed. I would say they are right. :)

  2. Me too! I am 38 year old working mom and I have read the series 3 times in the last 6 months. I have a poster of Edward up in my closet. My six year old wants to show my poster to everyone that comes over and I have to remind her that its mommy's little secret. Also, I take twilight breaks during the work day in which I come to peruse this site. It is really ridiculous, but I can't stopping pining over Edward!

  3. you aren't alone!i am 22 and a nurse. i believe its not just teenage girls, i know quite a few professional women just as obsessed as me. oh the things other nurses talk about too! and i cannot waiiiiitttt to get the dvd!!!


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