March 20, 2009

New Moon Photoshoots Already Underway: Check Out the Vampires' New Freaky Contact Lenses!!

Apparently, the Twilight Cast was in Vancouver taking promo photoshoots and is excited to start filming on Monday! You can also watch this new Borders New Moon video featuring Taylor, Kristen, Rachelle, Ashley & Robert here (scroll down til you see the video).


  1. Nice! They actually look like vampires now!!! Btw, who ARE you? This is the BEST Twilight site ever!

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  3. You are amazing!!!!!
    Thanks for all the news!!!!!
    I love your blog!!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, they look so beautiful!
    Love the new lenses!!they're far more colorful than the old ones.
    Ashley looks gorgeous.

    And again, I'm agreeing with the earlier posted,
    you're doing an amazing job here!!

  5. Awww...I'm blushing! Thank you, everybody. I'm just an overly-obsessed Twilight fan. hehe.

  6. The new lenses look fantastic ... more proof that New Moon will be eleventy billion times better than Twilight!

    The other posters are right, you're totally feeding the addiction lol

  7. Isa - TCA is a closeted Twilight obsessed fan, but we forgive her, because her Blog is the the best! Stay obsessed and thanks for the Twi-crack!

  8. i dont like ashley eyes to much =( but, its nice :P

  9. I was a little worried about the changing of the guard (director) so to speak. But, just the eyes alone have me on the edge of my seat! I can't wait!! I think it is heading in a bigger, better direction!

  10. Ashley looks amazing! I think New Moon will be so much better! I love the Twilight series and I was a little disappointed with the first movie... it was kind of cheesy.

  11. Oh My God. I love this site. I just found it and I cant wait to tell my BFF about it. We are Twilight Crazy.....

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