March 12, 2009

MTV: Hospital & Comic-Con Behind-the-Scenes + Kellan's Twilight DVD Release Party Plans

MTV's Larry Carroll reminisces over Comic-Con 2008, and reminds me of how long I've continued to be obsessed with Twilight. Gah!! That was last summer, yet here I am still suffering from OCD.

Read Larry's blog here. Also, you can read about Kellan's plans for the Twilight DVD release:

"Kellan is having a party over at his place," Edi Gathegi said of a bash hosted by his co-star Kellan Lutz. "It's not really a public thing, but I just might go get the DVD and go to his place afterwards. Although, it sounds a little funny. He wants to dress up in onesies and eat M&M's and then watch the DVD."

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