March 21, 2009

Meet *Krys* AND Solomon Tonight at Walmart Wood Village, OR

From Solomon Trimble's Facebook:

"Krys and I are going to be somewhere in Wood Village OR, at Walmart signing autographs. Word. 10pm-midnight."

Here's the info again for the Wood Village Walmart Midnight Release Party:
Friday, March 20 from 10 PM to Midnight
23500 N.E. Sandy Blvd
Wood Village, OR 97060
Thanks, Stacey!


  1. You're welcome!

    I hope some fans got to meet them in time!


  2. I went and it was a mad house but well worth it!

  3. One girl told me that she went and waited in the rain for 2+ hours only to be turned away because that many people turned up - apparently she got a wrist band so she could go back later and collect a (signed?) photo.
    It's nice to see fans showing some love - for Sol and Krys in particular :)


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