March 10, 2009

Mary Stuart Masterson Talks About Casting Kristen Stewart in The Cake Eaters

Mary Stuart Masterson, who directed KStew in Cake Eaters, had some really glowing things to say about Kristen Stewart in this MoviesOnline interview:
"Kristen was somebody Jayce (Bartok) and I were both interested in from the beginning. I flew out here and met with her about 4 months before we started shooting and was instantly struck with her tremendous intelligence and also her sense of herself. She was truly grounded and has a power and ferocity about her that is so perfect for Georgia and yet in this delicate body that was also necessary to play the role. I met her and I just knew. That was the process there. She said yes which was nice. She loved the role."
Read the entire article here.

Thanks Allison!

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