March 18, 2009

Long-time TwiCrack Addict Lurker Wins Twilight Party Pack Contest

TwiCrack Addict Summer, who described herself as a long-time TwiCrack lurker, has won the Walmart-sponsored Twilight Party Pack Contest. Congrats, Summer!

While there can only be one contest winner, we all win because as part of my contest rules, I received a lot of really funny shizz to share with everybody as a result! Thanks to everybody who participated; I'll eventually post most of these funny and creative entries, but here are a handful to whet your appetite:

Scaring Your Sister Sh*tless with Stand-Up Edward
Submitted AND created by Kiba Pup

OMG, Edward's a

Submitted by Kiffs and Giggles
My mother (who I had finally dragged to the theater after I had seen Twilight 5 times) was like the one girl that gasped, "He's a vampire!" midway through the movie... But then she had an epiphany.. She whispered to me "OH, his dad is a VAMPIRE too... but wait, why the heck doesn't anyone ask why this crazy guy is runnin around a hospital with lipstick on... whatta weird guy!" That is pretty much all she said about the movie... and she is still confused on how Dr. Cullen was a vampire and a doctor... LOL

TwiCrack Addict Mom Outed by her Kids - Twice

Submitted by J
"I am a recent Twi-Crack Addict and Mom of three. I am 36 years old and can no longer hide my love of all things Twilight from my kids (ages 7, 5, and 3). The other day I was in the car picking up my daughter from her piano lesson (Edward would approve) and was looking at Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict on my iPhone. I thought I was being rather sneaky about it until my five year old suddenly asks: "Mom, why are you always looking at that Edward guy?" Busted!

And then, last week, I ordered my very own Pocket Edward (ordered it online because I'd be way to embarrassed to buy it in an actual store). It arrived in the mail and I opened it like a giddy schoolgirl. Of course, all three kids thought this new toy was for them. So we setup some ground rules about our Pocket Edward. They can play with him but we must keep his identity a secret because he's a vampire (and also so Mommy's friends won't send her to the looney bin). So the other day, I went with my little one to the doctor's office. She wanted to bring Pocket Edward inside but I told her he needed to rest in the car. She seemed fine with this. So imagine my surprise and complete horror when we walk into the doctor's office and the receptionist says hello to my three year old and asks her about her baby doll. And she replies "we left pocket Edward in the car. He's Mommy's dolly."


  1. Love Kiffs & Giggles story. Classic funny.

  2. I love J's story. Happened to me in Blockbuster last week with my 5 year old and Twilight merch. Kids pick up on the smallest things.

  3. I love it!! You have the BEST twilight blog!


  4. Awww..thanks for the love, Alex! :)


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