March 5, 2009

Little Ms. Understood: Kristen makes Perez Hilton's Hit List Again -- Is the Kristen Backlash Deserved?

Recently there have been a whole slew of sensationalized articles about how Kristen Stewart has thought about quitting Twilight, and alleged fan backlash against the starlet for her controversial Nylon Magazine comments and alleged disdain for Twilight the movie.

Most recently,Perez Hilton has once again used Kristen for target practice and posted again about what an ungrateful 'twat' he thinks KStew is. Ouch.

I refrained from posting about these recent tabloid-driven Kristen jabs because 1) this was OLD shizz disguised in a new package, and 2) Kristen's comments were taken out of context. Well, Twilighters Anonymous was kind enough to dig up the original Cinematical interview from back in November 2008 where Kristen originally commented on whether or not it would be easy for her to walk away from the Twilight franchise, and here is what actually transpired:
"At the end of a long day of interviews promoting Twilight, it might be exhaustion -- or high spirits -- that makes Kristen Stewart so blunt; asked if she's thought about walking away from the series just to mess with people's heads, she laughs:

"Oh, God, yeah. I've totally had the thought; it would be so easy for me to send so many hundreds of girls into such a frenzy. It took a long time for me to admit that I was too bogged down by the first book, to admit to these girls that I wasn't as ... I'm just as obsessed as they are; I read it from an entirely different perspective and had to live it for three months. I can't start the next book unless I have the job to do, or I'm just gonna drive myself insane -- and even this, they don't get that. They're like "What? How could you not read the book ...?" Yeah, I have thought, many times. "What could I do?" It'd be so easy. ..."
Alright. So KStew isn't exactly articulate and she has a lot to learn about managing her public image for the sake of her long-term career, but she's raw & honest. While I think Kristen could be more *gracious* towards the Twilight fandom, whose support has played a large part in accelerating her newfound fame and subsequent career opportunities, I'm not sure that she is deserving of this public skewering.


  1. ok i think everyone should be thanks kristen for putting up with this abuse from these fangirls and media thumb suckers she is sick of talking about all this and it makes her feel bad when you say things to her and behind her back let her make the sequels and be over with it and twilight did not make or break her career she had made a lot of movies before twilight it might have made or broke robs career but rob could give a flying flip about that all this negitivity everyone should take a page from the japan fanbase much nicer!

  2. I'm 120% in agreement with you! Well said.

    By the way, why do people bother to read anything written by Perez Hilton? He's ridiculously gross and harsh about stories that are unfounded.

    I'm not a big KStew fan(everyone has flaws), but seriously....Perez and others, who have said much worse, should have more tact....she is a REAL person. Do you think she's going to be all 'warm & fuzzy' when these so-called 'fans' are constantly bashing her?

  3. Kristen is a terrible actress. She has one and only one "face." She shows little to NO emotion and was a terrible Bella. There was no chemistry and no amazing love between Edward and Bella. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE could have played that role as good and most certainly better then her. I want her replaced and so do many, many others from all over the world. She did no justice to our beloved books.

    Of course she is ungrateful but I'm sure she learned this from her father. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Here is a petition to get her re-cast. It may not do any good but we can try.




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