March 6, 2009

Little Ms. Understood Part Deux: KStew Does Damage Control & Professes Love for Twilight Fans

By now you've probably read Collider's new interview with Kristen Stewart, where she addresses the backlash she's been receiving as a result of her Nylon interview, and insists that she loves Twilight fans and that her words were taken out of context.

The part of the interview that I appreciated the most was this quote:
I feel like everything I said in that Nylon interview, if you actually read the whole thing, was very honest and genuine and talking about something that I am so immersed in and I have absolutely no control over. And I’m just trying to stay honest and true to something that I care about.”
Well, at least Kristen keeps it real. I'd rather her be honest than fake, and let's face it, some Twilight fans are loonies (myself included). :-) Read the entire Collider article & Kristen's thoughts on New Moon here.2007 Nylon photo thanks to Everglow, which has a whole batch of KStew photoshoot outtakes here.


  1. Yep, nope, sorry...I still think she's a bitch!
    Can't help it.
    It's my intuition telling me she's devoid of personality and not worth the time or energy!

  2. If she is indeed a bitch-bitch, would you rather she be an honest bitch or a lying-to-your-face bitch? heh. I can respect an honest bitch. :-)

  3. Yes, but there's honesty and there's honesty.
    There's honesty that's offensive and rude and there's honesty that's tactful and respectful.
    I admire honesty in people, but if it comes off as offensive and rude...I have no respect for that.

  4. I wonder if we should give her the same benefit of the doubt that we give ourselves. Do any of seriously think that the Twilight movie was the pinnacle of filmic aesthtics? In the same way the novels are fun to read and engrossing but hardly the epitome of literary stylings, the movie is fun and a pop culture juggernaut, but hardly the movie by which an actor who wants a lifelong career for him or herself wants to be defined. Let's let her be honestly overwhlemed by the hype and hesitant to be defined by this one series when she's thinking about her lifetime career.

  5. Whilst that's true and you make some very valid points. I don't think it's wise or gracious to bad mouth a film that is your big break.
    I mean she's done so many other films in her career, but are they memorable? Whilst I understand that she may not want to be defined as 'Bella Swan' for the rest of her career, she has to understand and accept that it's Twilight that's her big movie and it's this character that's made her famous.

  6. Point taken. She really does need a better internal censor, doesn't she?

  7. Internal censor, lip lock, tongue removal, PR agent...anything to get her to think before she speaks!
    Some people just don't think about what they say...and she's one of them.
    She needs to stop...think about what she wants to say...think about how it could be perceived or twisted...rethink her wording...AND THEN TALK!
    The use of ones brain seems to be something alot of people are lacking these days!


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