March 4, 2009

Kristen Stewart Happy in Hollywood

Kristen is stepping all over Caroll O'Connor's sidewalk star. Am I the only one in the Twilight fandom who knows who Caroll O'Connor (a.k.a. Archie Bunker) is? My dad made me sit through episodes of 'All In the Family' when I was younger. In spite of my juvenile Twilight obsession, I'm no spring chicken, folks. :-)

See more pics of Kristen running errands today in L.A. over at Gossip Girls.

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  1. No, you are definitely NOT the only one out there old enough to have watched "All in the Family" (Team Meathead! lol...) - I'm also a semi-closeted too-old-for-this-but-can't-help-myself TwiFan--and I loooove reading your posts, so thanks! Too bad your sister wasn't interested in helping (that said, I can't even get MY sister to read the book).
    Check out my [kinda lame] blog if you want to read a few humorous (imho) Twi-related posts written by folks in the non-tween/teen fandom -


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