March 10, 2009

Kristen Stewart Can't Wait to Work with Dakota Fanning in Runaways

Kristen Stewart had lots of nice things to say about Dakota, who will be starring alongside KStew in both New Moon and the Runaways:
"I can't wait to actually work with her," the 18-year-old Stewart told us after hearing the Fanning news. "We aren't BFFs yet, but hopefully..."

"I'm so excited that she took the part in 'The Runaways,' " Stewart said of Fanning's plans to portray Cherie Currie, the hard-partying lead singer of the '70s all-girl punk band. KStew was cast a few months ago as the band's rhythm guitarist, Joan Jett.

"[We] have a short amount of time to do that in between the two other ['Twilight'] films, because we are shooting them back-to-back," Stewart said. "They shut down for, I think, eight weeks, in between 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse.' "
Read the rest of the article at MTV.

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