March 3, 2009

Kristen Stewart on Kissing How it Felt to Be Bitten By Robert Pattinson: *Sooooo Much Better* than you know...

Twilight Lexicon brought us the story about how Kristen made Rob blush by describing how being bitten kissing by him is *soooooo much better* than we can imagine, and here is the exclusive video thanks to Twilight Singapore. Check it out around 3:40.

Update: Thanks to Bryan at Celebuzz for sending me an update; they had the video translated! :-)


  1. That was SSSOOOO cute! Rob was so embarrassed, and Kristen was so matter of fact! I love it!

  2. Rob looks so GQ sitting there in his suit with his sexy little grin...I wish there was a translated transcript of this, I'd love to know the rest of the questions!

  3. Very Cute! <3 Rob looks so ... shocked ... haha


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