March 27, 2009

Just How Will Those 'Flittering' Edward Moments Work?

Twilight Examiner explores just HOW those flittering images of Edward Cullen may appear in New Moon, and I really like some of her suggestions to weasel our EC fix into the movie:
"Another way, of course, is to show Edward experiencing his hell in South American absence of Bella, a fact of whch book-readers were not aware in the first read-through of New Moon. While some say that this would deprive the movie-viewer of some of the power of New Moon, if done appropriately, perhaps some of the book could be preserved still. For instance, if we saw Edward in motion in South America, but did not know of his misery (i.e., by keeping him busy, or by not revealing long scenes of him there), perhaps the mystery and suspense, too, would be saved."
Check our her cool article here.

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  1. I think that any bit of Edward/Rob Pattinson is good, but I think they should stay as close to the novel as possible and focus on getting us to believe the connection between Jacob and Bella which makes the love triangle so believable and heartbreaking. Don't short change Jacob. We're supposed to feel tension between those three.


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