March 10, 2009

Juicy, Juicy Silliness: Robert Pattinson's Secret Asian-Swedish Girlfriend ;-)

E!Online's Ted Casablanca addresses a fan-inquiry about Robert Pattinson's lovelife today:
Dear Ted:

Why haven't you written about
Robert Pattinson's secret Asian-Swedish writer girlfriend (Frances Anikolai but sometimes goes by Anika) who lives in London? Everyone already knows about her, so it's pointless for him to continue to lie about it. He might as well come clean.


Dear Playa Patt:

Maybe Rob actually tries to keep his private life private. It's kind of refreshing.

You can read it for yourself at the source. Heh.


  1. I remember when the press first started saying he was dating Anika after she and Rob were "spotted" at a KOL concert with Nikki Reed...who later cleared the air by saying it was actually her friend, who was getting a huge kick out of being thought of as a model/Rob's girlfriend!

    (I would too!)

  2. no...that was when the press said he was dating brazilian model anne schoenberger...who was later proven to be nikki's friend sage. this asian-swedish chic is a writer who works for the bbc and he supposedly started dating while in london over the holidays. different rumor entirely.

  3. Hey could this be her on this clip, the girl with the green t-shirt who moves quickly out of the way but Rob keeps looking at her.

  4. Is Robert Pattinson going to retire after the 3rd movie???


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