March 19, 2009

Juicy, Juicy Silliness: Ashley Greene's douchebag Ex-Bf Likes to Name Drop

E!Online reports that Desperate Housewives' Josh Henderson, Ashley Greene's ex-boyfriend, likes to let everybody know that he once dated our Alice Cullen:

"He was a total a-hole," sasses a friend of one of Joshy's former flames. Now that Greene is somewhat famous thanks to Twilight, apparently, J.H. can't wait to throw her name out there. A 180 from when he would embrace being "single" publicly but would go home to Ashley at night. Supposedly during the time they "dated," Desperate Joshy thought he was pretty big-time, so he would bed any willing gal around town.

Read the rest here.

P.S. I dunno why I feel so snarky today.

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