March 13, 2009

Jacob's Shed, Home of the Dirt Bikes?

The always awesome Twilight Lexicon just posted this video of what *could* be the set for Jacob's shed. Sunnykins09 writes:
I have heard from a good source that this property is being rented for the Twilight sequel New Moon....The only people on the set at the moment were set designers painting the shed/barn red. I live in a pretty small town or Port Coquitlam B.C and i'm pretty sure this will be used for the scene's Jacob and Bella spend fixing up the dirt bikes :D comment, and pass it around, let me know how much you think they will be filming here? or if you think its going to be used for something else!!! xoxo Sunny
How cool is that?

1 comment:

  1. hey!!!
    this is amazing stuff
    i also live in BC
    about 20 mins from Port Coquitlam
    and i was wondering what street this is on
    because i would love to go and take a picture
    with the house this summer :)


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