March 5, 2009

Updated IMDB New Moon Tagline: "Somewhere, Bella's Stove is on" (Say what?)

Over at Danger Magnet, I saw this funny story about how the IMDB taglines for New Moon have mysteriously changed, and I had to check it out for myself. Indeed, one of the taglines now reads, 'Somewhere, Bella's Stove is on.'

Too awesome.


  1. Some of my readers filled me in on how this was a joke tagline brought up in an "Imprint" podcast that actually went on to be featured on IMDB. Looks like IMDB hasn't been doing their homework... :p

  2. The hosts on "Imprint" were making fun of the other (awful) taglines, like "Somewhere, a clock is ticking." They made up that one as a joke, and their listeners submitted it. Somehow it got approved...

  3. You can definitly tell that imdb isnt doing their homework or are just allowed changes to be happening without checking them first. I was actually the one who uploaded the new moon picture on there and it went up almost immediately. So you can tell they dont check the things that are going up. haha

  4. omg i was listening to the podacst 'Imprint' when they brought this up!
    funny stuff- its highly reccomended!!


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