March 28, 2009

How To Get Your Hands on Forever Dawn

(Stephenie with The Book Babe)

Project Book Babe is auctioning off a ton of cool stuff on April 4th, including some of these amazing treasures from Stephenie Meyer:

Stephenie Meyer’s Prom Dress: Made by Essence Collection, strapless with matching bolero jacket, red and jewel encrusted. Stephenie wore this dress at the Eclipse Prom event.

Forever Dawn Epilogue: It will be bound and have a special note from Stephenie. The word count is 3,105.

The Host Manuscript & Eclipse Manuscript: Both manuscripts are in varying stages of the editing process. There are notes from both Stephenie and her editors written in the margins.

Twilight ARC: It’s well loved and one of the last ARC’s in Stephenie’s collection. It, too, is signed.

Lunch With Stephenie

Wishing you the best of luck, Book Babe!


  1. release forever dawn on the world steph

  2. release forever dawn and the rest of midnight sun to the world

  3. stephanie PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE publish Forever dawn and Midnight Sun!

  4. stephanie.... hii i would just love you forever and ever and ever if you would please realease forever dawn, iv heard stuff like its for mature readers well heres what i have to say... anyone who can understand the detail and complexion of any one of your amazing books should atleast given a chance to take a peek at another memorable story.... please fot the world.. for you rfans!!! <3

  5. Even though I already do, I would love you forever and ever and ever and ever(X 1,000)and be indebted to you for the rest of my life if you would release Forever Dawn to the public! You could edit out the parts that you said were in embarassing! Please, please, please, please!!

  6. I <3 u stephenie. your the best hope you publish foreverdawn. Please

  7. Please Please PLEASE release forever dawn and midnight sun, we've waited long enough... Haha!

  8. Hi, Stephenie!
    I agree with the other comments left by other fans.. it would be amazing if you could release Forever Dawn and Midnight Sun!! To see the world from Bella and Jacobs perspective is one thing... but EDWARD! :D That is a different story! :) Please release them to the public! We love your creativity you put in every novel.. and are all hungry for more!

  9. Mrs.Meyer if you are not much willing to release forever dawn yet can you at least post a notice on your site what is it that you're planning to do about it? it is really excruciating,this unending wait for an answer.