March 12, 2009

Hot, Sexy, Undead: Robert Pattinson GQ Spread & Interview (RPattz, are you reading this?? haha)

Is GQ trying to *kill* me? I think I'm done for the day.
I have turned into a human puddle. *Swoon^100*

OMG, look at what those amazing ladies at Cullen Boys Anonymous just dug up! The accompanying article is awesome too! MUST BUY THIS!! Read it all at GQ.

Funny tidbit from the article: Robert reads Twilight fan-fiction & gossip sites!
"And he admits to reading it, which is the really weird part. He reads the gossip blogs and the Twilight fan fiction (“It’s surprisingly hard-core. And very well written”). He knows what the fake Robert Pattinson said on the fake Robert Pattinson Facebook page. (The fake Robert Pattinson claimed to have nailed Kristen Stewart. The fake Robert Pattinson was kind of like Chuck Bass, if Chuck Bass were uncouth enough to trumpet his conquests on somebody’s Wall.)"
People Magazine has a little article on this interview, where they highlight how Rob isn't interested in having a girlfriend right now. (Thanks, Karine!)


  1. omg. danger of feinting here.
    if i were a tween it would not be so absurd...but i love it!
    thanks by the way for your blog!

  2. I think I'm in love....lust, whatev. Hottest photoshoot ever!!!

  3. I did faint!!! jeeeesssuuuss!!

  4. i come to fix my blogs, and then i see this...this PERFECTION...this HOTTNESS...there aren't words, except thank you GQ, from my husband, though he doesn't know it yet ;)

  5. DAMN!!!!!!! how can he be so sexy?!?!?!?!?!? lol i feel like he is the only one who can have halarious pictures on the internet of him in his undies and still be the hottest guy in the freakin world!!!! lol i love rob! ha


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