March 9, 2009

Help! What should I ask Taylor?? Taylor Lautner on BlogTalkRadio Monday 9/9 at 9 pm EST

For being the TwiCrack Addict that I am, there is a *chance* (fingers-crossed that it actually happens) that I'll be able to ask Taylor Lautner a question during Monday night's BlogTalkRadio interview.

Help! I've never done such a thing! If I do get through, what should I ask Taylor that won't bore him -- and everybody else -- to tears?

You can access the show at March 9th @ 9 pm EST by clicking here, and you can dial-in to ask a question during the show by calling (888) 874-5757.


  1. if i had the chance i'd ask him...

    * which actor or actress would he love to work with in the future and why?

    * now that everyone can see your true talent and the dedication you've shown with Twilight, have you been offered any other projects? if so, what type of characters have you been asked to play??

    * what's your favorite movie genre to watch and act in as well?

    * what do you like to do in your down time?

    * is it really awkward having older girls totally drool over you even though it's horribly illegal? (LOL)

    hope i helped.. <3

  2. robsessionn-xo Thanks for the feedback! Gives me some good ideas. :-)

  3. Alas, after receiving an invitation from Wal-Mart PR peeps and a special Press dial-in #, I didn't get to ask my question after all. Argh.


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