March 19, 2009

Happy St. Marcus Day!

(Cool artwork from

I'm a sucky Twilighter, because when Emmy of Twilight Treasury told me about St. Marcus Day the other day, I was like, What the Hale is that? Oops.

Well, for all of you fellow sucky Twilighters, March 19th is St. Marcus Day, the fateful day detailed in New Moon when St. Marcus supposedly rid the Italian city of Volterra of all vampires. Twilight Examiner has written an article about it, and encourages us all to wear red to commemorate the day when Edward tried to off himself.

Thanks for the reminder, Ashton!

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  1. Awesome! That digi scrapper sure did an excellent job and I bet she is VERY appreciative that you made her a watermark for her image and gave her credit!!! ;-)

    Seriously, very surprised to see this here and I want to thank you for sharing my work. I'm glad you chose it to represent St. Marcus Day!! Love your site!!!


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