March 25, 2009

'Eyes of Amber' Thinks My Blog is Fabulous + Blogs That Rock My Socks

I woke up to a poopy day, but my bloggy friend Eyes of Amber put a big smile on my face by giving me this award!
Once you win this award, you are to list 5 of your addictions then pass this on to 5 of your fabulous friends. Well, here are TwiCrack Addict's five addictions:

1. TwiCrack (duh)
2. Blogging about Twilight (duh)
3. Edward Cullen (don't tell my husband)
4. Traveling the World
5. Pumpkin anything - e.g. Pie, ice cream, bread, soup, etc.

Next, I'm supposed to pass this award on to some of my favorite blogs. Well, some of my favorites have already been gifted with this award, including, Cullen Boys Anonymous, The Danger Magnet, and Pillow Biters, so here are some of my other favorite bloggy friends who make me smile:

For making me pee-in-my-pants by making fun of craziest of the crazy TwiHards :-)

For being the creator of the 'Pocket Edward' moniker, which is now used ubiquitously across the Twilight fandom

For showing us the *other* wild-side of Pocket Edward

For being my fellow TwiCrack Addict in the UK

For Awesome 100 Monkeys Concert Coverage

And, ok...I know I'm cheating but I want to give a shout-out to one more!

For bringing support and awareness to Solomon Trimble & issues that we otherwise would not have considered (and for constantly commenting on my blog)


  1. wooo, thanks twicrack!! I'm all teary eyed lol xxx

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  3. Gaaaaa.....i am hyperventilating. First of all, well done on your very well deserved award, but i'm close to being busted by DH as he already wonders why the page i'm always viewing has eyes at the top, and why i have a whole folder in my bookmarks called Twilight, now i have all these other blogs to read too. Must put password lock on PC ;)

  4. Linda, you're not the first person who said they got caught by DH looking at my blog with those big old Edward eyes staring out from the screen. hehe. Imagine all the screen flipping i do to hide my blogging addiction from my husband...heheh. thanks for visiting. :)

  5. I don't know how you do it haha. Congrats again on a great blog, its my first port of call as soon as i log on now, ur doing a great job :-)

  6. TwiCrack, your blog rocks - thanks for thinkin' of us over at humble (yet saucy-leaning-towards-depraved) Twitarded!! You've made my day (again)!

  7. TwiCrack we love your blog too!! You rock!!

  8. You have a great site...I'm always surfing for NEW Twilight news and now it's all in one spot :)

  9. TwiCrack, you rock our world!! And Edward's! If RPatz is reading any blog, it's definitely yours... no pressure or anything. ;)

  10. Jenny Jerkface -- If RPattz is reading this, then I hope that he didn't see my post about him being smelly. hehe.

  11. Wow, thanks so much! I'm so thrilled you bent the rules and included us at Team Sol - especially when so many other Twilighters are forgetting him...
    Your blog is my one-stop for my Twi-Crack addiction - many many many times a day ;)
    P.s. I hope I don't drive you bonkers with my constant commenting, lol :D

  12. I too woke up to a poopy day...thanks for brightening it up, as usual!

  13. ..."you're not the first person who said they got caught by DH looking at my blog with those big old Edward eyes staring out from the screen."

    Guilty as charged- I had to explain to dh why I was looking at a site with Edward's butterscotch eyes called "TwiCrack Addict."

    That he was good with-- my own blog called "Pillow Biters?" That I can't find a way to explain yet...they just don't get our addiction.

    So my history deletes every time I click off the net.. tee-hee.

  14. Thank you! The "sisterhood" loves you!!!!

  15. And btw, TwiCrack- that darned banner of yours makes me all tingly every time- EVERY time. Da*m Edward Cullen....

  16. Aww, I'm all offended and stuff :(( No love for my blog?

    J/k. Your blog is great :)


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