March 23, 2009

Dress Like Bella: Kristen Stewart's Cargo Jacket Will Be Available in July reports on how you can eventually snap-up Bella's cargo jacket:
The cargo jacket by Jack BB Dakota wasn't actually supposed to appear in Twilight (now on DVD). When a key scene with Edward (Robert Pattinson, here in a peacoat custom-made by costume designer Wendy Chuck) called for a look that would help Bella (Kristen Stewart) really stand out, Chuck did a last-minute run to outlet store Nordstrom Rack. ''I literally brought that on set just before they rolled cameras,'' says Chuck. Because of its massive popularity, the newly dubbed ''Twilight'' jacket will be reissued in July for $84; check for store listings.
Can you imagine all these Bella clones walking about your local mall? hehe. Thanks, Twilight Lexicon for the fashion tip!


  1. Totally loveee this jacket have to get one. Ever since i saw the movie i can't stop trying to find it. The jacket in that picture is not the same one, the buttons are gold there but there a different color in twilight.

  2. A lot of places will be selling the BB Dakota jacket this summer. I heard PacSun is one of them!

  3. im so happy about the jacket but i heard it only comes in sizes s-L wat about all the xl's or the plus size people out there? it's kind of ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

  4. one cool jacket, so, if I wear it, will some hot, undead dude press me up against a tree. I am your life now. :)

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