March 19, 2009

Done Deal? Tinsel Korey Seemingly Confirms New Moon Role via MySpace

Team Taycob has blogged about Tinsel Korey's 'Art' MySpace (she's got two MySpace sites, one which she uses to talk about her acting, and one where Tinsel shares her music), where Tinsel seems to corroborate rumors of her involvement with New Moon!

How? Well, Tinsel features a "New Moon Logo" on her page, her top friends list includes "Quileute Tribe New Beginnings", "Twilight" & "Stephenie Meyer", plus her MySpace background is the "New Moon Book" cover.
Tinsel tells us about herself on her MySpace:
Tinsel Korey has been performing since she can remember, from recording songs for her Godfather, to performing skits for her family and friends; she always knew she wanted to be an entertainer. Tinsel recalls: "I remember when I first started labeling my acting tapes – I named them ‘Tinsel's quest for stardom’. Now, I name them ‘Tinsel's quest for acting excellence’.

Tinsel has since worked on numerous films and television shows, from Steven Spielberg's mini-series "Into the West”, Scott Frank's (Minority Report) feature thriller "The Lookout", starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and acting opposite Adam Beach in the CTV MOW "Luna: The Way Home". Ending off 2007 with a recurring role on Chris Haddocks "Intelligence" and Global TV’s "The Guard". Recently she just completed two projects. A lead role on an Insight Film entitled “Wyvern”, playing a neo-fem action character name Vinyl Hampton. As well as a lead role on “Rabbit Fall”, playing the bubbly mortician Zoe, which will air on APTN and the SPACE channel at the end on 2008.

An artist to the core, she holds great pride in her work and performances breaking casting stereotype. Tinsel constantly strives to push the envelope working to improve her craft and searching for inspiration with new outlets to express her artistry.

I created this page to let people know what is going on in my world of acting. Also to showcase any other outlets of artistry and personal beliefs I may have. My music page will strictly be just for that.

I'm just a girl with a thought that maybe I could make a difference.
Thanks, Naomi!


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