March 5, 2009

Crepusculo: Sneak-peek of back of Twilight DVD Cover Art

HGE posts that Robert Pattinson Source has a sneak-peek of the entire DVD jacket - in Spanish. Click on pic to access big pic of the entire jacket!


  1. Here's a translation if anybody wants or needs (or cares :P) it:

    "Bella Swan has always been different. When her mother marries for the second time, Bella decides to move to live with her father in a hidden and shady town called Forks. Here she meets Edward Cullen, who iss intelligent, attractive and above all, mysterious. Edward rapidly captures Bella's attention. But a dark secret lies hidden within the Cullen family: they live apart from others, have perfect physical features, have supernatural strength, and a thirst that is difficult to slake... Bella soon discovers the terrible truth: Edward and his family are vampires. But Bella cannot fight against her feelings: she is irrevocably in love with Edward."

  2. Thanks, mwstrawberries! You're awesome!!


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