March 30, 2009

Vampire Sighting?? Details of a Rob & Nikki Fan Encounter

Veronique has blogged about meeting Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed & Sam Bradley recently:
Monday, March 30th, 2009

Ever heard of Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed, Sam Bradley???

Walking down a street, looking for a cool place to hang and have a beer… As I’m walkin, I pass in front of a terrasse of a nice ”trendy” restaurant. My eyes caught the face of someone reminding me of a singer I have just discovered. It’s HIM!!! next to the ”lookalike” is the boy with the hat. Next to the one with the hat, in front of the ”lookalike” is the girl without the wig. OK, this is too good to be true. I look at Penny and stop walking. Take another look, my own little voice is screaming inside. It cant be true… My head turns back one more time. The boy with the hat is looking at me; he knows I recognized him. He’s trying to hide in his jacket… I get the message that he’d rather like go unnoticed… So I decide to keep going on my mission for a place to hang out. In the meantime, a few calls to my friends who are gonna kill me if I dont go back… What should I do, what should I say?

After 15 minutes of walking around, Penny’s got a txt message sayin we should go to a certain bar… We turn around and walk toward some pub. I HAVE to pass by again. As I’m walking passed the restaurant, there’s 3 girls (I beleive a mom and daughters, but honnestly I was so in shock I dont remember…) were talking to them and took a picture. Ok, so, if I dont do this now, I wont get another chance. I’m getting to the table and apologize (so many times, I probably looked like a total idiot) for disturbing their night, chatted for a couple of minutes, about Sam’s music and their time in Vancouver. Penny got to take a picture of Rob, Nikki and I(after several try, battery was dying, flash was off…). I have never felt so stupid (I aint natural blond!!! lol) in my life but hey, who cares? I most probably wont run into them again and if I do, then I wont be in shock state of shock!

Check it out at the source: Confessions of a Rock N Roller

Credit goes to; Thanks, Bonnie!


  1. your blog is good good good......

  2. is it me or is Rob spending a lot of time with Nikki reed.....huuummmmmm

  3. Okay, i'm completely prepared for the onslaught, but here goes... does anyone get a gay vibe from Rob?
    I know that he says he's not, and this has NOTHING to do with the Dali movie, but I get a definite gay vibe from the man (and don't get me wrong, I love him to death).
    He just makes very curious comments sometimes and its the way he holds himself. He's 'asexual'. Zac Efron 'looks like he smells good'.
    And he seems to giggle a lot...
    What a bummer if he is!

  4. wow, im getting talked about...!!! I hope you guys liked my little story, they were pretty cool and I wish i wouldnt have been this stressed out and maybe i would have been able to say more intelligent things!



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