March 26, 2009

If you want to get to RPattz, you're gonna have to fight off Canadian Mounties first

Radar Online reports that Robert has Canadian Mounties protecting his pretty face from us crazy Twilight fans:
While filming on the tiny scenic island of Tofino, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, producers enlisted the help of local cops Constables Brendon Baillant and Brandon Builziuk to make sure filming went off without a hitch. Not their usual cup of tea, the constables encountered their fair share over overzealous teens during the assignment.

"It was an unusual mission but our remit was to keep the fans off the set," Constable Baillant told exclusively. "Everything went well on the first day but then a group of teenage girls got a little too close when the filming moved to the Long Beach area of the island."
"They were totally miffed with us when we told them that they could not get any closer, however, their spirits lifted when Kristin Stewart came over to pose for a few photographs with them," he recalled. "It was raining really hard the whole time but the producers loved that because it helped to make their scenes much more gloomy and atmospheric too. This is a beautiful part of the world but when it gets cold and wet even a vampire would get the chills."
Thanks again, Allison! :-)

P.S. I'm sorry that I've subjected you readers to pics of Brendan Fraser & the Golden Girls recently. To make it up to you, here is an untagged EW Outtake of Rob from Everglow, which has all the gorgeous untagged photos in their gallery.


  1. I'd take on a Mountie to get to Rob, haha...ready to lead the NPC into battle-let's do this!!

  2. Hm....I'm from Vancouver Island and was unaware Tofino is a "small island" off the coast.... It's actually a small town on the west coast of Vancouver Island:)

  3. HAHA - Danielle, I read this article on Radar Online and said the same thing. There was nowhere to correct them though. I'm also pretty sure Rob wasn't in Tofino when this took place. Earlier reports place Taylor and Kristen there.

  4. Ha, i'm from the island as well and was going to say the exact same thing about Tofino not being its own little island :) There are some teency tiny islands around Tofino(teency tiny as in no one lives on them/they are just nature parks), they are some of the most unique and breathtaking places, it would be amazing if they were able to use them.

  5. Haha yeah Danielle, I was just about to post that...Tofino is a town, NOT an island. I hate when American journalists write about Canada as if they know everything, AND as if Canada is easily packaged and defined. Oh yeah, and we don't live in igloos just in case anyone was wondering.

  6. That was nice of Kristen Stewart to come over and pose for pictures!


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